7 September 2015

Week 5

I wasn't even sure if I would make it this far - but we have & I am amazed - but also more determined to keep going! I have now lost between 6-7kg & that helps to spur me on.  I also feel better (although I have just been sick!) in that I am not so tired & I also think my teeth are whiter! Random - but I suppose that has to do with the sugar (or lack of it).
1.Pizza - made with almond & tapioca flour.  I mostly liked this, but Jon liked it ALOT - it was gone in 5 mins.   

Not much else happened this week, except I made up a list of 7 meals that I am happy with during the week - I would like to extend this to about 10-12 as then I don't get too sick of the same thing each week.  I would like to get it so that these are my easy "go to" meals. 

1.  Chicken curry (Korma paste has no sugar) with roast kumara, peas & beans
2.  Broccoli & other vege casserole with chicken (last week's recipe)
3.  Mince Bolognese (with carrot & other vege) stuffed into a hollowed out zucchini, butternut, potato or kumara
4. Chicken drumsticks/Lamb Chops/Steak with potato wedges & coleslaw or salad
5.  Curried sausages with peas & mashed spud & pumpkin/kumara
6.  Tuna cakes/friend fish/baked salmon & salad
7.  Pizza or Wraps - both require a bit more work but are nice treats

RECIPES to TRY this week (that I didn't get to last week - AGAIN!) plus some new ones to attempt...
1.  Coconut yoghurt
2.  Israeli Salad
3.  Naan bread
4.  Cloud Bread


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