2 September 2015

Week 4

Wow - Phase 1 done & dusted! It went fast  The first 10 days were definitely the hardest & now it seems we are in the swing of things.  Potato eating on the weekend wasn't that exciting! We were at a conference for the weekend, so I think we managed pretty well with very minimal (unavoidable) cheating. 

I have lost about 1kg this week, and now its about a total of 6kg or more that I have lost from the beginning of this diet! YAY

I have not done much experimenting in the kitchen this week - I have either been away or very busy. 
Just a pointer before I go onto the recipes - I have realised that making my own stuff means that it doesn't last as long - either it gets devoured - or it goes off a lot quicker than store bought.  I unfortunately had to throw out my tomato sauce as it was becoming tomato wine! Next time I will make a smaller batch!

1.  Meatballs - made with mince, egg & a bit of almond flour.  I also added some flavours/spices.  I'm just not sure if I liked both the texture & the taste.  I think if I had eaten them hot with nice sauce, then that would have enhanced the experience. 

1.  Stuffed butternuts & zucchini.  This was a recipe I adapted/made up.  I made a mince/spag bol mix up with tin tomatoes & grated carrot etc.  I then hollowed out both zucchinis & butternuts & put the mince mix into these, sprinkled with chees & then baked.  These were awesome & had some leftover for lunches the next day. 
2.   Broccoli & chicken bake/casserole  - this was really yummy & very easy to make.  I used fresh chicken breasts, no mushrooms & I couldn't get stock without sugar in it, so just used water.  It was nice :-)
Sorry - no pics this week! 

RECIPES to TRY this week (that I didn't get to last week - AGAIN!)
1.  Coconut yoghurt
2.  Israeli Salad
3.  Scotch Eggs - will have to substitute pork mince for ??
4.  Sausage patties for breakfast
5.  Naan bread
6.  Choc slice


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