1 August 2013

Change & moving

These past few weeks have been rather emotional as we have been back in our house here in Ukraine. It has been hard but good, sad yet happy. We had heard of brokenness & victories. Life has moved on for us & people we know here (that is normal!)
As we near the end of our time here we have been trying to reflect of what God wants us to do.
Should we try to sell the house? Do we want to move back here? What is a call? How are missionaries effective? We have had lots of discussions with many people & our brains are full with conflicting thoughts.
Today bought some clarity for me. As I was listening to the Audio Adrenaline song
"He moves, you move" it started to get me thinking...
We need to wait for God to move. The last instruction we had received was to go home & have kids. We have not yet received any other or the next instruction. The pillar of fire is still above this house in Ukraine & in NZ. We are waiting & still fulfilling the last instruction.
While we wait we need to be busy carrying on with life & learning & growing & making the most of every opportunity. Not waiting & wasting but waiting & growing.
Conclusions while here:
1.  Back to NZ for another term (2-3 years)
2.  Most probably not back to serve in Rzhyshchiv
3.  Need to have project (most probably linked with camping) to come back to.
Although many things seem to be still up in the air, this small seed has given me some sort of hope that we are on the right track -- we don't need to see the full path ahead -- just trusting one step at a time.
God gives us light enough to guide our way not a massive spotlight to reveal to the end of time -- kinda glad about that!


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