1 November 2010

Self Sufficiency

One of the newer lifestyle changers that we are wanting to implement is "living off the land" or self-sufficiency. There are many parts to this, and without owning our own property over here, some may be hard to start.  But we can start with food and in regards to eating, our aim is to eliminate as much stuff as possible from our grocery list and only buy bare essentials from the supermarket. Sorry Pak 'n' Save:-(
My grandparents would be proud of us!

Here is our draft list of what we want to do, or have all ready started to do...


Veges (Total cost $300)
Herbs -- Planted – perpetual
Salad Greens -- Planted – perpetual (cover in winter)
Tomatoes -- Planted (greenhouse for winter)
Capsicums/cucumbers -- Planted (greenhouse for winter)
Potatoes/kumara -- 2 crops a year
Corn -- Summer crop only, pick & freeze
Peas/beans -- Summer crop only, pick & freeze
Pumkins -- Planted – store for winter
Cauli/brocolli -- 2 crops a year
Carrots -- Perpeutual planting
Beets -- Perpetual planting

Cabbage, garlic, onions -- Buy

Fruit (Total cost $150?)
Passionfruit -- Plant vines (freeze)
Avocado -- Plant 2 trees
Plums -- Already planted (freeze)
Apples -- Plant a tree (dry for winter)
Grapes -- Already planted
Pears -- Plant a tree (dry for winter)
Mandarins -- Already planted
Lemons -- Already planted
Berries -- Plant some canes (freeze)
Fejoias -- Plant a small hedge (dry for winter)

Bananas, nectarines, olive oil, juice -- Buy

Meat (Total Cost $1000?)
Chicken -- Construct a coop/buy chickens
Fish -- Go fishing
Beef -- Buy a cow???
Lamb -- Construct a small pen/buy

Eggs -- Same as chicken

Yogurt -- Use yogurt maker
Milk (& products)  -- Buy a cow???
Icecream -- Buy an icecream maker?

Bread -- Buy breadmaker $300
Pasta -- Buy pasta roller $50
Baking -- make

Flour, sugar etc -- Buy

Honey  -- Get bee hive $200
Relishes/jams  -- Make using own produce


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