16 January 2007

I want to grow old in my vege garden & be buried beneath the sunflowers & potatoes!

One of our goals in going overseas was to see if there was a place in the world we could call our ‘niche’. I have discovered in our travels that I will always call New Zealand home, and I am proud to say I am a Kiwi. But surprisingly enough although NZ is home, I think now that I would call Ukraine our ‘niche’. There has always been a part of me that has wanted a simpler, earthier, natural way of living. Maybe you could call it ‘green’ or ‘alternative’ way of living, but the thought of living off what we have produced, building/renovating your own house, and just living day to day in a small village with good friends & family to spend time with is a very appealing lifestyle for me. In a way, this has also been sparked by reading..."Catching the Fire" (see my spiritual journal for full details). Who knows, this may change, but at the moment, I'm dreaming of a big vege garden! Here we come Ukraine!


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