5 August 2006

England & future decisions

We got to experience England for a short 3 weeks of insane job-hunting and a not so positive experience of the culture and the standard of morals.  The state of the nation is far from a Christian nation.
Although this is the case, we are going back for more!  Jon has accepted a job teaching music at a school in Weald, north London for a year. 
We have spent the last 7 weeks here in Ukraine with my brother, enjoying summer, the culture and the fantastic people.  While we have been here we have spent time at the beach, camping on an island, going to Kiev, road trip to Odessa & the Black Sea, and heaps of other stuff.  We have made some great friends and it will be sad to leave them.
We head back through Europe at the end of Europe next week.  We plan to stop in Poland, and visit Auschwitz, and then through to Germany and then Holland before we get back to London ready to sort out an apartment and hopefully a job for me. 
Hope to be able to blog more often when we get back to a decent internet connection!


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